Friday, October 16, 2015


 I fell in love with my husband writing letters to him. We wrote letters back and forth while he served his mission in Japan. We shared what we were learning about the gospel and things we struggled with and were trying to become and understand. When he got home from his mission we lived in different states and spent hours and hours on the phone. We always said "When we get married, we won't have to stay up all night talking because we'll live with each other and then we can just talk during the day." But we'd still stay up almost every night until midnight. We'd sit in the living room and talk until we were almost falling asleep then go to bed and talk more.

 I love to sit on the couch with him and talk through life. I love to sit across the table from him and laugh. I love to lay in bed after we've said prayers and wait for the moment when one of us will have one last thought we have to share.... 
Cori, I like you.