Saturday, December 31, 2011

it's 12 o'clock somewhere

 We at apple bratwurst with lentils, mushrooms & spinach. Drank sparkling cider.
Wrote down our new years resolutions. 
Then when Dad's phone told us it was New Years we shot blanks from the black powder rifle, popped poppers and lit sparklers.  
 And they were still in bed with lights out at 7:30...


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Want a super awesome easy way to make your dinner fancy when it's not?
Cookie Cutter Biscuits 
Simple take your favorite cut out biscuit recipe and pick a shape. 
We are big fans of star biscuits at our house. 
Seriously, biscuits take 20 minutes start to finish... maybe 25.
Mom's Potato Soup, Dad's Mixed Berry Jam and some hot Star Biscuits. 
Yummy Yummy.

In other news, Gid had his first taste of chalk tonight.
So wish I could show you a picture of his sputtering face covered in blue drool...
Apparently it really does look better than it tastes. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This is a Dolophant.

That is all I have to say, I just want to remember when Lilly is 50 that when she was 3 and a half she called dolphins Dolophants, because that is funny. 
She also has a yellow Hippo Balloon (made from whatever those sticky hands you get at the dentist are made of) that she calls a Buffalo and sleeps with every night.

Except for emotional upheaval- 3 and a half is such a lovely fun age. 
I hope that proves true for 13 as well.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Thoughts for Finals Week

Love Havah,  Lilly
and Gid

5 years old- first friends party

Our Havah turned 5 on Sunday.
Saturday was her (our) first "friends" birthday party.
She invited her primary class.
We played pin the tail on the donkey, made personal pizzas, ate cake with 'sunshine frosting' (white mountain sticky frosting colored yellow), opened a lot of presents and decapitated a cute little white unicorn pinata. 
We had such a great day! 
Yesterday at church when their teacher asked, "who's birthday do we celebrate at Christmas time?" Her whole class yelled, "HAVAH'S!" 

I guess that means they had a good time too. 

Happy Birthday Havah J!
Thanks for being our first baby. 

Remains of a Gingerbread Palace

Nana & Papa sponsored the first annual Alcorn Gingerbread house decorating contest this year.... Our lovely kit had a little bit of a battle to get from Silverton to Kuna... those UPS men can be dangerous!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Political Awareness in our Country

I don't know much about this, it sounds good to me, but that is not the point. the point is

Someone has brought forth a proposed constitutional ammendment and it's not even on instead we're talking about Barry Bonds possibly going to jail, the X factor and a little boy who likes heavy metal.

We are a government by and for the people- so maybe the people should pay a little attention.
Myself included.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something Great: the 2nd

ALSO- our insurance company gave us $1100 and waved our deductible.
(as compensation for the recent thieving)
I highly recommend Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Want to hear something great? of course you do!

4 more classes.

Yes, that is right. Cori only has 4 more classes and then we replace school with some other kind of stress. Isn't that lovely? LOVELY!!! 2 Religion, 1 Physical Science and a Public Speaking class (isn't it funny you can take a public speaking class by correspondence?) and WE ARE DONE! Thank you BYU Independent Study and Goodbye!

For Joy!
I guess I can't say goodbye yet... but in the Spring, watch for it... big party right here! Maybe I'll even give something way...(hahaha Aunt Sue, I still have a package for you, maybe I'll get it sent this week... since Gid is almost a year old now, a definitely a boy).

Why Books?

So the purpose of this new page is to keep track of the books we read/listen too (we do a lot of time at our house).

I'm not exactly sure how we'll keep track, but I want to have a record of what we've read, and what the girls think about it. If you enjoy them, that's nice, but I really just want them here so that someday I can go back and read their thoughts about the stories we read together every day.

Picture Books

The orange crayon is Lilly's art about Frowning and
 being naughty. Havah's center face is saying "Ah-oh!"

I met a little girl recently at an art activity, the children were supposed to draw something that they remembered from a story. She told me, "I can't do that. I can only draw pictures of what my mom tells me, I don't have good ideas." I am sure that there was a good healthy dose of "4 year old" in that comment and that her mother doesn't sit with her and tell her every little things she is supposed to draw, but it also redoubled my appreciation for Havah & Lilly's good imaginations.
I have a whole stack of notebooks full of drawings. Some stand alone, some stories that are pages and pages long.

About a princess and prince
Havah especially right now, draws lots of stories. Children have a great capacity to understand what is going on around them when the adults in their lives talk with them honestly (and age appropriately). She loves to draw stories about Nephi, and princes and princesses. Soldiers. Before Melissa got married she spent a lot of time drawing brides and flowers. It is such a wonderful way for me to be able to see what she is thinking about.
This is about a little girl shooting a deer to feed her family.
I love that through her art, I am able to really see how she is feeling, what she is thinking about/struggling with, and what brings her joy and excitement.