Friday, February 28, 2014

Ew! Yick! Confessions of a little brother: the house knife

My mom showed me pictures of big trucks tonight. They had stairs like a house. I like them. She showed me this too.
Bagger 288
it's a Bagger. And it can do this:
Bagger 288
WOW! Who will eat it?

*note: those are his real words, he was so amazed. I love showing him things like this to watch his eyes bug out. Thank you msn for providing us with such amazing bizarre hings to behold.

Life is good. Now go away...

Havah home sick his week with viral pink eye.
This is kind of how I feel about blogging right now.
I deactivated our Facebook account on a meditated whim... 
you know when you think about something for a long time an then one day wake up and say "NOW!"
Then you do, and wonder to yourself later, why did it take so long?
Exiting that world has been terribly liberating. 

And somehow, this beautiful place got sucked into the vortex of disconnecting.
I am enjoying my privacy.
Enjoying putting our feet firmly under ourselves without thinking about the places other people's feet are.

She was super excited to get her picture taken
But one of my favorite things is to look back through at the pictures of my children.
Of the stories of our days and to remember them. To bottle of the little pieces of their childhood that seem to float away so quickly. Quicker every day. The things that I know will make those children come alive to me when they are grown.

So even though this privacy is so refreshing, I am trying to remember. I am writing for me, and I'd better not miss it.