Thursday, March 21, 2013

He is not here for he is risen.

In one week my family will begin our Easter celebration.
We're not real into the whole'bunny' thing here.
I am excited this year to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and his great gift to the world.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cameleus Hump

On our way to school today Havah told me that she was wearing her backpack like a "cool big kid" today. I asked her how they wear their backpacks. She told me only on one shoulder. I asked her not to wear it that way because those 'cool big kids' aren't very smart to wear their backpacks that way because it will hurt their backs, and that I know that because I did it.

With out missing a beat Lilly says, "Yeah, that's why you have a cameleus hump!" I have no shame, I gfawed in the middle of the street! 

If you are familiar with the works of Rudyard Kippling you are probably laughing too... if you are not, may I recommend him? 

My Lilly, she is a quick wit
 And a self declared "phone feef"....

Monday, March 11, 2013

WITA: The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle

I love Rex Harrison's Dr. Doolittle... my family loves it... (my sister Whitney's nick name is Fred)
But I'd never read the book until the girls and I found it for a dollar at a thrift store. Two hundred pages of awesomeness for 50 cents? Yes please. We started this book the beginning of November... then we started moving. It's taken us a while to get through it, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! 

What was your favorite adventure Dr. Dolittle went on? 

Lilly: My favorite one was where he found the boys uncle and asked the sea things and the flying things (the bird that could fly so high) and they couldn't find his uncle but Jip the dog and Dr. Doolittle could. 


Who was your favorite animal? Why?
Lilly: Jip the doggy! Because he had the greatest smeller! and I love dogs. They are not stinky like cats. Yuck cats! I liked all the other animals too, but Jip is my favorite character. And now he has a cool golden thing around his neck now.


If you could travel is a ship where would you want to go?

Lilly: I would want to go to Nana and Papa's house and to my old home.


Would you read this book again sometime?

Lilly: Yeah! It was a fun one!

Havah's entries are missing because she is at school all day... we'll ask her later.