Friday, June 10, 2011


I can't type. I just wrote proof in the following ways
prrof pirof, pprof
my brain knows how to spell it, but my eye hand coordination has always been a little off.

I took my kids to the zoo yesterday.
camera batteries dead....
someday my children are going to think the only thing we ever did was play in our house and back yard... I have no proof of anything else.

We had fun. Havah made a friend on the giraffe slide, Angie. They had a blast. I made friends with a lady from Poland who taught me how to break helicopters(maple leaf seeds)in half and stick them to your kids noses like a little horn. Pretty cool.
Lilly walked most of the way and Havah rode in the stroller... whatever.
well here you go... first time on a big kid bike... that's proof... proof she didn't like it :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Cricket in Time Square

Havah and I started The Cricket in Time Square today after Lilly went down for nap time.
We're reading from the same copy my mom read to me when I was about Havah's age. It's one of my favorite memories, and I had so much fun reading to Havah, answering her questions about all the big words, talking about what we think is going to happen next, and looking at the pictures.

Corn Rows, Swimming, 3 and food

It's been a couple weeks of great new things for us....

Havah's first corn rows. Lasted 9 days, would have lasted longer, but she dumped sand on her head and it kept falling out (the sand) everywhere.

Swimming in Grandma RaLyn and Grandpa Craig's big tub.

"beautiful" L cake for her birthday (a creation of desperation when the regular old square cake started to crumble apart, we were lucky to salvage what we did.)

Rice cereal and breastmilk... could life get better? He thinks not.
(excuse his limited experience)