Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Dad and Mom are getting married!

So the last 5 years have been a little shall we say... crazy? 
But I think things are headed in a very good direction.
See this cute lady below? 
She's my mom... well... the mom Heavenly Father gave me after my mom kick-ed the bucket.
She is also my brother's wife's mother.
My brother's wife is my sister's best friend.
My sister called my brother's wife, "Ducky" when they met because she could not remember Alexis.
So we all call her Ducky too.. well sometimes. Sometimes Alexis. 
We call my brother Steven.
We call my sister a lot of things... Mine Lissa, Missy, Missa, Lala... Melissa.. Dory...
 Guess that kind of depends on the chapter of her life you walk in on.
My sister called my brother's wife's mother, "Mama Sue".
So we  all called her Mama Sue. 
(I have also called her friend and neighbor for the last 4 years)
* pictures of Mama Sue, Grandpa's arm and a red airplane courtesy of Gid.

But I think after this summer, maybe we'll just call her Mom, and Grandma. 
Which is just absolutely perfect. 
Because none of us are perfect... but we all sure like each other a lot.
And if there is one thing I have learned about families in the last 5 years, 
it's that liking each other counts for a lot.

I am just tickled that my parents fell in love.
* Thank you Kristina for the picture of them together!