Monday, November 30, 2009

You know their sick when...

You take your 18 month old back to bed at 11 am and she giggles when she sees her crib and says "Hi-yo bainy" (customary greeting of the bedding). So now she's wrapped up in her cashmere throw with Mr. Brown can moo.Yeah, your kids sleep with blankies and stuffed animals, mine commandeer the couch blanket and sleep with books... sometimes you just need to snuggle with something square and pointy I guess. Hope she can kick this cold soon.

On a non sick note: Havah is in the kitchen right now with her little people toys (I thinks she has a girl with red curls and turtle and the lion that looks like it has mange) she keeps singing out "Ladies and gennamans! It's time for a show!" And then proceeds to direct them to do london bridge is falling down, ring around the rosie and ABC's.

I love my girls.

Here are some pictures from our wonderful week: I'll post more about that later.

This was the best part :)
Congrats Steve and Ducky!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The atonement and the toilet...

We've been teaching Havah about how through the atonement Jesus Christ helps us to 'Right our Wrongs'. Well today she called to me from the bathroom, "Mom, I have poops! I need you to come help me wipe my wrongs!" I just about died. Half horrified half on the edge of hillarium... it's the little things that make 'wiping her wrongs' worth it. :) I'm glad I'm a mom.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shower Paint

Does your bathroom look like mine? One of those generic white showers.. Want to jazz it up? All you need are a couple of kids and some home made finger paint.

Fun? We say YES!

Third Time

I guess I'm a flake. I keep going back and forth on this blog thing. We start it, then stop, then start then stop... so this is start number three. If I stop again, I don't think I'll come back.

We're all home sick, no did not contract the dreaded flying pig virus. We just have nasty chest colds. Some how we managed to sign up for the ever other week fall sickness plan. I must have forgotten to uncheck a box when signed up for fall this year. So Cori found some Sesame Street videos online and Havah has been soaking in her first exposure to the big yellow bird of my childhood. Three year old's should know what Sesame Street is, and in that same vein 25 year old's I thought should know what Gone With The Wind is...

My Aunt invited my sisters and me to her house to watch GWTW last night. None of us had seen it so we figured it was time we sat down and found out what it was all about... all I can say is, why did I waste 4 hours of my life watching that? I'm not apposed to tragedy, or movies that make you think. I just don't think 4 hours to get to a tragic ending is is worth it, especially when the main character is so obnoxious. What made it almost okay? Good company and Mammy's red silk petticoat.