Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Humiliation

Everyone needs that friend who is a record keeper.
Chelsea is mine. 
She has a record of my childhood, and every once in a while she sends me a gem.

Like this....
An, can I put your full name in this post so that when people Google you it comes up?

W.I.T.A: The Book of Mormon by Havah & Lilly

*Note: We spend 5 to 10 minutes a night reading scripture as a family. We cannot remember if we started reading with the girls in 2010 or 2011, but either way, this a major accomplishment!*

The resurrected Christ visiting the Americas
What is the Book of Mormon about?
Scriptures! and Scripture Heros! And Jesus! To teach about being good! 

Who is your favorite prophet from the Book of Mormon? Why?
 Helaman. Because I like when they did the big war, and the stripling warriors.
Who were the stripling warriors?
His army sons who came to fight with him, they were going to these bad guys, and the bad guys wanted to kill them, and some of the people got killed, but the stripling warriors didn't because they knew Heavenly Father would take care of them.

What is your favorite story in the Book of Mormon?
When Jesus came to the Nephites is my favorite.
Why is that your favorite?
I like the name Jesus and I like the name Nephites.

What did you think about the Book of Mormon?

I'll take two please (second edition)

Wouldn't this be so much fun?
Somehow their family bike looks so much more chic than our Caterpillar bike.

*pic from A Cup of Jo

"Hang up your clothes."

So literal.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet quick trip

What a lovely Friday night.
I feel all filled up and ready to keep moving forward.
I also feel exhausted.
We are sleep schedule people.
Well, our children are.
Go to bed at 9 PM & get up at 6 AM... 
not in the schedule.
Still totally worth it.
I love going to the Temple!

Friday, April 27, 2012

On our way out the door

Headed for a family weekend in Twin Falls.

On the schedule:

  • Lots of swimming
  • Pizza
  • Laughing
  • Movies
And some lovely hours spent here
Twin Falls Temple
We're taking turns watching kids, I get to go to the temple tonight and Cori is going tomorrow morning.

The girls brought me their Sunday clothes so that they can get dressed up and walk around the temple. 

Hooray for a weekend away!

Why do we go to the temple?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I saw this on Facebook today... and it made me stop and wonder...

We are capable of creating content and means of delivery of content in a way that no other creature on the planet is capable... 

So why do we use our huge brains to do so much damage to each other? 
To assume the worst of one another?
To disparage, insult, destroy things and people that are worth of praise?

Why is there so much money/time/energy spent communicating filth?
Propagating vulgarity, hatred, and mediocrity? 
When each of us is capable of so much more.

Monday, April 23, 2012


It's like 85 degrees outside.... yes I am aware that for some of you that is still like parka weather.
We Alcorns start to melt at about 75. 
That's right just above room temp.

Is there anything better than frozen chocolate milk?

Okay, I give, hot cake in milk... but that is not for melting weather.


 Two Fridays ago Havah had Kindergarten registration... she was SOOO excited!
Counted, wrote her name, read a few words, cut, drew... whew... she's smart enough ;)
(was there any doubt?)

Then she found out she had to get more shots...
Saturday she brought me this letter.
Mom I am sorry but i can't go to kindergarten. 
Kindergarten= needing shots... Havah doesn't want shots, so logically the way to avoid this is no Kindergarten. Right?

I told her I was sad to hear that she didn't want to go to Kindergarten, but that she would still have to get shots. She was not happy.

Friday it was time to go to our awesome pediatrician, Dr. Welch (thank you Hyer's for the recommendation). I didn't tell her. We all got in the car and drove to the Dr. office. Dad dropped us off and took Lilly & Gid with him to the bike store. 

Havah started to get a little suspicious when I made her take tylenol. I don't just hand that stuff out. You better be feeling yucky... 

"Mom, why are we here?"
"I'll tell you in a minute."
"I have a guess... shots..."
She tensed... then accepted her fate. We talked about relaxing and how it doesn't hurt as bad if you relax your muscles. 

Now what we didn't know, was that Dad and Lilly were pretty worried about Havah... and while we were int he Doctor's office, Lilly was saying a prayer, asking her Heavenly Father to help her sister be okay and not cry. 

Prayer answered. She took a deep breath and relaxed, and it hurt, but she was AWESOME! 
Not a tear (even though 5 shots could justify it).

Now, all she can talk about is Kindergarten.... 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yes, I am satisfied. (need a laugh?)

While we were giving hugs and kisses after family prayers tonight Havah asked, "Mom are you satisfied with us for your kids?" It was one of those leading questions, she already knew what I would say, she just wanted to hear me use her newest word to tell her how much I like her.

"Yes Havah, I am satisfied. Dad are you satisfied?"
"Yes, I am satisfied."

We did that secret parents laughing at you smile, that you do when children are precious and funny.

She smiled and was satisfied.

A little later after personal prayers were said (yes we pray a lot around here) and every one was tucked in, Lilly got out of bed to do her "one more time to go pee" (She doesn't actually have to pee she just doesn't like to miss anything and so she has to see that I'm not doing anything cool after they are in bed).

So after she took care of her business, she stood at the top of the stairs to impart knowledge to me, as she often does when she does not want to go to bed.

"Mom, do you know why you have buns?"

"Why Lilly?"

"You have buns so that you can breath."

"Really? Where did you learn that?"

"When I was going potty, my buns made air, and I learned that you have to have air to breath. If your buns didn't make air, then you couldn't breath and you would die! Night Mom!"

After her door closed I didn't do the secret parent smiling thing... I snorted...

Sure glad I have buns to make that snort possible...

little blast from the past.... 2 summers ago.
This kid business? - 100% satisfied.

Clean vs. Dirty

Every day I work hard to keep the house clean...
Every day he works hard to get himself dirty....

I wonder if he is ever as frustrated with my undoing of his work as I am with his undoing of mine...
Doesn't look like it...

The tank is clean!

This morning we conquered the house...
3 bath rooms
3 bedrooms
hall *
living room

but we are not getting out of here....
We are doing projects.
That is what beautiful Saturdays with perfect weather are for.

*yes... it was dirty enough to make it on the list
**yes... it was also 'dirty' enough...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is this what you're showers look like?

mine do...

(thank you to my lovely cousin Anna for sharing this lovely cartoon with me)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, there is poop on the header.... an explaination.

I've had a couple people ask me recently why there is a picture of poop on my header...

I was trying to think of a name for a blog. I had always thought if I ever did start a blog I would call in "Playing House", alas, by the time I decided to start a blog the name was taken (and not in that 'well I don't even know her kind of way'... I know her...)

So I was searching... and then one day my almost 2 year old, who was trying so desperately to go potty in the toilet like her big sister felt her self 'need to go'. So she took her diaper off in an attempt to put 'it' where 'it' should be.... obviously she didn't make it. There is no toilet in the playroom.

It's not one of my prouder parenting moments. I was so ticked off that she would take her clean diaper off and then poop on the carpet. I didn't yell, but I don't think I was kind either. Still the irony of a clean diaper and poop on the floor was not lost on me, so I grabbed the camera and took a picture. Just so I could show Cori how ridiculous life can be.

Then I knelt down and clean up her poop.

And as I cleaned I realized- This is life. A clean diaper and poop on the floor.

She did her best. She knew what was right. She wanted so badly to please me. To do what was right and grown up and would bring praise. She did her best, and her best made a mess. But nothing so terrible it couldn't be cleaned up.

But her diaper was clean. She miss judged, through lack of experience, the timing of things, but her diaper was clean. Her intention was not to poop on the floor. Her intention was to do something mature and responsible.

How often I am just like my sweet girl? How often are you? Sometimes, despite our most carefully laid plans and best intentions we make a terrible mess of things. Because we're just people. The majority of us I believe are trying to do our best... and sometimes we muck things up. We say something back handed, we do something thoughtless, we forget something important....

Sometimes life is just messy, but that doesn't mean that it's not good.
Some of the biggest messes I've ever found myself in have lead to the greatest lessons, which in turn have lead to the greatest joys.

I hope the picture I paint of my family in this blog isn't one of perfection. I hope you see the pictures with a messy house in the background, the poems pleaing for children to sleep, weeds in my garden and the deepest desires of my heart to make a little less mess of things...

That is my intention because I think that is life- doing our best to create a place of peace, joy and love even though, sometimes, it's messy.

Ethanol Free

We drive an old car... not old enough to be cool, but not new enough to be nice... it's just old.
And I don't mind... except for the gas millage.

A few weeks ago we decided that we would try the only ethenol free gas station around, it's a Philips in Meridian, Id.  While Cori was paying he was asking the woman at the counter about the difference and she was just sharing with him that until recently there have been a couple other stations who still carried ethanol free, but they could no longer afford to compete with the other gas stations who do sell ethanol gas and are subsidized by the government for selling it...


The government subsidizes farmers to grow corn to make into ethanol... 
Then subsidizes gas station owners to sell it? 
That seemed wrong.

We're on our third take of gas from the Philips... and you know what? Our car went from getting 11 or 12 mpg in town to getting 16 or 17.... 

Does this make any sense? 

(Don't tell me ethanol is better for the environment- check out the 'footprint' it requires to make that ethanol first... it's no better)

It costs a couple bucks more... but I feel like we're getting our money out of it in the made up mileage, and I take a lot of satisfaction in not perpetuating our flawed subsidies system. 

Goodbye Easter

I threw out the rest of the Easter Eggs today. 
So pretty.
Our Easter Bunny was not very awesome in the secret message department this year. 
She forgot to write anything on the eggs. 
There weren't any words.
The girls told me last year the Easter Bunny ("who is actually the parents... not real like Santa Claus" thank you Havah), was way cooler because the eggs had words on them. 
I thought chocolate eggs with ducks in them were equally cool
Apparently they are cool, just not quite as cool as eggs that say your name when you soak them in food coloring. 
Who knew?
Gid doesn't judge... light up rubber balls and a new binkie? Sweet.

Hope you all has as lovely an Easter as we did!

Monday, April 16, 2012

WITA: Danny The Champion of the World! by Havah & Lilly

Who is Danny? A little boy, who had a great idea with sleeping pills and helped Doc Spencer get the pheasants who didn't wake up.

Where does Danny live? In a Caravan, with only his dad.
Where is his mom? She died.
What was your favorite part of the book? When they got all the pheasants down.
What were they doing when they got the pheasants?  Poaching. 
What do you think about poaching? It's kind of ridiculous and kind of fun. Because you soak raisins for a long time. And then you put powder and then they fall down and that is kindof crazy!

Who is your favorite character? Danny, The Champion of the World!

I like when they fall down and they caught them. I like when Mr. Hazell said shoo shoo.
And I like Danny the Champion more than his mom and the grandma. I like his dad. 
(she got started before I could ask any questions)

Who is Mr. Victor Hazell? A bad guy. He is not my favorite character. (Havah says, "RA-diculous!)

Have you ever seen a pheasant? Yes, on a motorcycle. 

Do you girls think other kids should read this book? (H)Very very YES! (L) If they have it! (H) But I think we should let them borrow it if they don't have it. (ensue argument about whether or not we should allow other children to borrow our books.... we'll excuse you from that portion of the interview)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Date Night + Awesome Babysitter = Cuteness

10 soft drinks, 4 Firebrick pizzas, 2 chocolate chip cookies w/ 'very cold milk', 3 pieces of delicious strawberry ice cream cake, a lot of handfuls of caramel corn and a lot of laughter later...
We returned home to this lovely sight...
5 kids in a queen bed, and one baby zonked upstairs...
So sweet. 

What a great night! 
(by the way 6 adults consumed all of that... not just Cori & me...) 
Happy Birthdays to friends who invited us to celebrate!
It was a great time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Fiber! Fiber! Fiber!"

He is coming to Idaho...
I am going to miss it....

Beau- Laugh so hard for me. Use your magical skills- remember the whole show for me... come visit and tell me every joke.

ps if you do not get the quote that is the Title of this post... allow me to bring joy to your life.
(If you do know, you might want to click that link anyway... we wouldn't want your li-bip to end up on the florb with sadness)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner: Grilled Cheese Sampler

We had "grilled cheese sampler" for dinner last night.
Sounds fancy huh?
It was.
In that, oh my, my baby drank acetone (he's fine) we had a friend over and the world just generally exploded so making pudding took an hour instead of 10 minutes sort of way...
So at 5:50 my vanilla pudding was finished and I started on dinner. HA. 
What do I have that will be fast?
Bread. Check.
Cheese. Check.
Oh, I have lots of yummy cheeses... and hummus.. 
and veggies & fruit... and a whole bag of sweet peppers...
Goat cheese, grilled mushrooms and spicy sprouts.
Cheddar and Apple.  Mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, hummus and sprouts.
The only sandwiches that didn't get touched? Plain cheddar.

And we enjoyed this delectable concoction for dessert: 

Strawberries and custard (vanilla pudding)
Soooo yummy.
So easy... (we were done with dinner by 6:20 and everyone gobbled it up)
We will definitely be keeping Grilled Cheese Sampler night around.

Got any good ideas for toppings?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Irrational Fears: The Banana Spider

by Havah & Lilly 
What is a Banana Spider? A kind of spider that is striped, black and yellow.
Is it dangerous? Yes, very very poisonous. And dangerous!
How did you first learn about a banana spider? I saw it, a little tiny spider, striped black and yellow.
Are you afraid of a banana spider? YES! We are afraid of them.
Where are they from? They are from the jungle.
Do we have them in Idaho? No, of course not. I am sure that we don't.
What was on the slide today? A banana spider.
How did it get here? It walked and then sleeped walked and then sleeped walked and then sleeped...
How many days would it take for a banana spider to travel like that to Idaho? Hundreds.
My daughters have an irrational fear of this:
Do you have an irrational fear?

Post Edit: My sister in law informed me that there are two kinds of spiders that can be called Banana spiders... the one above is pretty harmless.
The one below....

It wants to hunt you down and eat you.
Which one are my girls actually afraid of?
I don't know...
but I don't think I'm going talk to them about it and let them choose.

Friday, April 6, 2012

If Jack Johnson and Regina Specktor had a baby...

and named Nora Jones godmother... 
and their baby's best friend was Ingrid Michaelson...
that little girls name would be Kina Grannis.... 
Best Pandora Station EVER.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

WITA: Little House in the Big Woods by Havah

What did you think of the pictures in the book? One was a little big scary. I did not like that part of the story. I love when sweet things happened.

What sweet things did you love? I like when Uncle George blew that beautiful horn, and he is kind of wild. That he's crazy. And when they went to town. 

What did you think was interesting about when they went to town? When she couldn't see anybody. She only saw houses and a big store.

Was there any kind of work they did in the book that you thought was interesting? When Pa made a deer lick so he could shoot a deer. 

Do you think other kids would enjoy this book? I'm sure they would. Well not the part where he got stung by a bee. 

WITA: Little House in the Big Woods by Lilly

What was the most exciting part of the book? They got to have some meat when they killed the pig. And I liked when the pig squealed. 

What do you think about Laura? I like her brown hair best and not Mary's hair. Know why? I don't like the color of golden. 

What do you think about Ma & Pa? I love Pa, and Ma and baby Carrie. 

Do you think other kids should read this book? No. Only us. 
You wouldn't want to share it with them? No. 

WITA: In the Land of the Big Red Apple by Lilly

If you could be anyone in the book who would you be? I would be Spookendyke.
Who is Sookendyke? He's a donkey.
Why would you be him? He's my favorite character. 

What was the greatest adventure? When she went to school.

What do you want people to know about this book? I love them. And I'm glad we didn't read a little princess, because it makes me not interested about it. 

WITA: In the Land of the Big Red Apple by Havah

What did you like about the book? That she gave her sled to Swiney so he would feel the spirit of Christmas, cause I liked when you cried a little bit mom.

Who is your favorite character? Rose.

What was the most interest thing you learn about? How to milk cows.

What do you want people to know about this book? Um... that you get to learn a lot of stuff, like that we should be nice just like when she gave her sled.

Choice... mine and yours

Your a people.
I'm a people.
I love to choose.
You love to choose.
Sometimes you'll think I'm 'doing life wrong'.
Me too.
Sometimes I'll know you are... because 'I am always right.'
You too.
This life- it's mine to choose.
This life- it's yours to choose.
Sometimes this life I choose will hurt you.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes this life you choose will hurt me too.
You're sorry.
Or we should be- both of us.
Because I don't choose yours,
and you don't choose mine.
I shouldn't and you shouldn't.
I have things to learn.
You have an equal portion.
We are here to learn.
To allow others to their choices.
Just like we are here to learn and trust our own.
I swallow my pride and say, "Sometimes I do life wrong."
I swallow again and say, "I'm not always right."
"Forgive me?"
I say those hard words, to show you-
I love you.
That is my choice.
Is it yours?

I don't know;
Because you get to choose.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Fresh New Color Combinations" HA

Victoria Beckham
Um... right...

Obviously these people don't live in the greater Boise area... 
BSU Nation just went couture... yikes.

A little help

Sometimes we get to be the helper (Havah working in the garden)
do you hear him? Mam! Mam!
Other times we're not...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Baby Bunting


Havah is a little concerned.
We just finished reading In the Land of the Big Red Apple.
In it, they go to the 4th of July Picnic and the whole town in covered in red white and blue bunting.
Today she was walking around singing the nursery rhyme about Baby Bunting and she is worried...
MOM! How do you make a baby bunting?

I'm sure her mental image of babies tied to ribbons hanging from people's houses is awesome!