Thursday, May 31, 2012


She must be related to Melissa and Cori.... jumping up and down in front of the screen so embarrassed for these pretend teenagers.

(what movie is she watching? Can you tell from the blurry picture?)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living The Two Wheeler Oath

Havah can ride a two wheeler. 
Like for real, break, go over big bumps, up hills, and jump ship while crashing (so as to land on top of the bike instead of visa verse)
Before Cori would teach her, she had to take "The Two Wheeler Oath"
"I will fall down and get hurt!" 
Her forehead is proof she takes her oaths seriously. 

Ew! Yuck! Adventures of a little brother

I like to brush my teeth... even though I don't have a lot of them.
Last night I climbed up on the counter and stole mom's.... but it wasn't wet.
Good thing Lilly left the toilet seat up after she went potty! 
I love her! She even left floaties in the the potty that I could poke with the tooth brush!
To bad mom took my tooth brush away from me... she's no fun.
She told me, "NO!" really loud and then washed my mouth and hands and said something about having to buy a new tooth brush.

What is her problem? It's not like a stuck it in my diaper or something... 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pinata Splater

I do not have a picture of the aftermath of this latest birthday pinata, but I think you can see in the picture that that thing is spinning... man did it spin...
And when the bottom burst out of it, well, you know those 'flower' fire works that spin around and shoot fire... think that except instead of fire think of shards of smashed squirt gun and hard candy fragments spraying in a 6 foot radius around the living room (it was pouring rain outside). 

I think we'll stick with rainbow colored horses and skip the spinning cupcakes next go round.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

she's a "four yeard old"

We love this girl. 
She came to us when life was hard and she is sweet sunshine.
Oh we love our Lilly Adell.

I am so grateful that she came to us 4 years ago, and I am even more grateful that she will be ours forever.
Happy Birthday Lill!


(Do you like her awesome balloon? The pink is a feather boa around the edge!)

Rexburg here we come!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eating Pizza in the Treasure Valley

We are Pizza eaters in this house.
If we are going out to eat, or ordering in I feel pretty confident in estimating that 7-8 out of 10 times we will be eating pizza.
Who do we love?
To eat in: Papa Murphy's and Domino's
To eat out: This is a little bit trickier.
There are two different kinds of going out- there is 'going out' like grown ups sans kiddos. In this case, we totally recommend  Flat Bread Community Oven (in Meridian or Boise). I personally am in love with their Bianco Magnifico. So delicious.

However- we do not eat this way very often. 
Tonight though, I think we found our new favorite family pizza place. 
White Water Pizza  in Meridian.
Now... there are some of you locals who are saying "What! But Flying Pie is the best in the world!" And to this, I have to admit I have a snippy response, "Have you EATEN at Flying Pie?"
I realize that it is an 'icon' in the Treasure Valley. BUT I believe that is only because it was the first pizza place here. Flying Pie pizza is expensive and gross. Period. And inevitably, upon leaving I have to explain to my children why it is okay for "some people to use those words but we don't."
At White Water we had an awesome experience. The service was great. Our server was super friendly and thoughtful. Our food was ready very quickly and when it came was the perfect temperature to eat (while still being fresh) so my kids didn't burn themselves.  And the crust was lovely (the flying pie... not so much).
I mean, look at that pizza, isn't it beautiful?

And kids personal pizzas come with a drink and an ice cream.
(Oh, and did I mention kids eat for 99 cents on Mondays?)
Seriously, why are we not all eating here?

Are we weird, or do other people love pizza as much as we do?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Mom, when Havah smiles it looks like this"


EW! Yuck! - Adventures of a little brother

This morning it started... I went to play with my girls. I sat on Vahmah (Havah) she said, "Mom! Gid is sitting on me! Get off Gid!" So I go off. when I tried to play baby with them and laid down on the pillow they were playing with my boogers on it... Sis-er (Lilly) said, "EW YUCK GID!" And the left to get another pillow...

Want to know something about big sisters? They say 'NO!' a lot!

So now I am talking on Mom's phone talking about shoes... that is pretty fun.

Maybe I'll get dressed and go eat some sand.
Oh Sand! I love you!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

 Dance Academy.
Now you know. Whew.
Glad to have that off my chest.

So... embarrassing...
but um... Netflix is calling... 

Pictures of the Beach and Swimming hole

We work with what we've got... 

Friday, May 18, 2012

We are all doing our best.

It has been a week... a real week... You know what I mean?
And at the end of this week, I would just like to say one thing.

We are all doing our best.
You are doing your best.
I am doing mine.
The people we love, they are doing their best.

Parts of my best are better than yours. And wouldn't you know, parts of your best are better than mine. Still, that does not, will not change the fact that we are all doing our best.
Right now in your mind, you may have pictured someone you know/love who you think is not doing their best (maybe it's me), but guess what- that is none of your business, because you don't know, how ever well you know them, that all the "awful" things they are doing right now are not their best... that maybe sad to you, but it is also very true.

Life is hard. It's why we are here. It is supposed to be hard. People get sick, we get in accidents, we die, we loose jobs, we have mental illness and chronic pain... and those are all things that just happen. They are how we learn how strong we really are. It's life... and then we add to that life humanity.

When I say humanity I am not talking about it in terms of our goodness... our charitable acts. I am talking about how very human we are. How our opinions, actions and feelings hurt people sometimes. How we make mistakes. It is inevitable.

I will hurt people, and people will hurt me. The point is- it is rarely on purpose. The only people who wake up in the morning planning on hurting people (especially people they love) are disturbed...

The rest of us, we might wake up thinking about something that is bothering us, or something we want to say, and we might say something stupid or thoughtless or harsh, but I do not think we wake up planning to hurt or harm.

Our mistakes and our good intentions, they are hallmarks of our humanity. 

I grow tired of those who live their lives so ready for someone to hurt them, anticipating the 'evil' that other's wish to inflict upon them.

I grow tired of those who wait with cutting words to strike back at their unknowing offenders.

I grow tired of those who seem un able to comprehend the good, although sometimes misguided or poorly expressed, intentions of others.

I grow tired of the lack of faith in each other.
I grow tired of the lack of forgiveness...
I grow tired of the lack of compassion...
I grow tired of people's 'righteous' hatred and disgust. (Let's be clear-there is no such thing.)

Mostly though, I grow tired of being forced to withdraw trust from people I love when they prove themselves to be unable to reciprocate my acceptance of their humanity.
Because while we can (and should) extend forgiveness, compassion, and maintain love without expecting change- Trust is a sacred gift that is earned.

This week I have found peace in forgiving. I have found peace in compassion for the humanity of others. I have found peace in remembering the best parts of someone I love in the midst of hurt. I have found peace in remembering- we are all just trying to do our best.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top of the world

Cori went trail riding with my Uncle and some of his Boys last weekend. 
He took the Red Lobster.
I wish I had a picture of that.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day 2012 recap

There were canceled morning leadership meetings (that means Dad was home)
There was a big ceramic pot I have been pining for to put my rubber tree in.
There was shrimp scampy with fried potates and Salmon Florentine (oh, and french toast with berries and cottage cheese for breakfast, yum!)
And there was home made berry ice cream for desert.
(Lilly thought the purple ice cream was about the best thing ever...this girl loves her purple)
And I lost my phone on Thursday or Friday, which meant complete radio silence... 
and while there are so many people I love, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that part too,
because while we're being honest I have to say... I'm not a big fan of this holiday. 
At all....
I am a mother everyday, and I like it that way.
Thank you to my sweet family for a lovely day.

Love my mother...

Of the handful of mother's day tribute videos I've watched today, this is my favorite.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I hate to beat a dead, um, spider... but

I have no end of humorous surprise every week as I slowly watch the stats change and the hits on this blog for the key word "banana spider" go up...

So while I generally enjoy this blog as a place for me to speak with a pretty firmly established fourth wall, I would like to break that wall today and ask a couple of questions I would like you to answer:

If you have a blog, as many of us do... what is your most popular post? ( according to statistics or actual responses you have received). Is it surprising to you that it is most popular?

Leave a link to said post... I would like to read them...


Now back to our regular subjugation of readership to Kari's inner monologue.   :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grandma's Feather bed

May I just say, I love these children.
I love them all snuggled up together in the guest bed watching The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
I love their bickering and giggling. 
Never gets old. So precious.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Look what I made!!

And all my red porch swing dreams came true...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Havah's first art purchase

She saw this little hand painted greeting card today on Etsy. 
She wants to hang it in a little frame on her bedroom wall.

She still has her Easter Money from Nana & Papa on PayPal. 
(She has been saving it for the perfect thing)

I told her to sleep on it and if she still wants it, we'll buy it in the morning.

She told me even if she sleeps, she'll still want it.
When a piece of art speaks to you, it's a hard thing to forget...
and for 4 bucks, I say, listen.

More Spiders

Funny blog fact: The number one Search Keyword for this blog? 

We are not talking about banana spiders today though...
today we are talking about hose bibs and good friends and hobos and daddy long legs.

Fun Spider Fact: Contrary to popular belief Daddy Long Leg Spiders are not actually terribly poisonous, and they can still bite you. Apparently, they just don't care too. (link)

Fun Spider Fact #2: Daddy Long Legs prey on spiders that actually are dangerous to humans... Red Back, Hobo, and Huntsman for example... 

Not so fun spider fact:
Our crawl space is crawling with hobo and wolf spiders....
This weekend both Cori and our friend Dan spent time with them while fixing our hose bibs.

Fun Kari Fact:
I liked it better when I didn't know what was living under my house.

Where do I buy Daddy Long Leg's in bulk?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For my Fred:

(the auto post didn't work yesterday... sorry)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRED! 18... old woman. :) 
I love you.

Please remember her....

Look at this beautiful girl. Look at those eyes... that is their natural color... I think they call that corn flower.

Her soft golden hair and her sweet face.
She is smart and feisty and funny and even though you might not realize it, she notices you.
If she is talking to you, she is not thinking about herself, she is thinking about you.
So when you see her next to her wild haired sister, please remember her.
Remember as you comment on how awesome that beautiful afro is, that there is another little girl standing there with out honey blonde fire shooting from her head...
and that she is beautiful too. 
Please tell her. 
So that she knows she is not invisible.
Tell her so that she knows you notice her, the way she notices you.
Tell her so that my girls can grow up knowing that even though they look so different, they are both beautiful.
Because Havah feels just fine about her hair. 
She doesn't need anyone to tell her it's "better than straight hair". 
And every time someone does, it just breaks my sweet Lilly's heart a little bit more.