Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinkie Pie

Tired tailless My Little Pony, showing off her 'cutie mark'.
We had fun tonight.


It comes naturally.

Playing in the dark

Grandpa Craig got this glow stick for Gid at the trunk-or-treat.

He had so much fun playing with it in the dark car.
Thanks Grandpa!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I am a firm believer in the possibility of things that seem impossible.
Most of the time, in order for the 'impossible' to become possible there are us steps to take, skills to develop, obstetrical to over come. There is correct path to follow to make 'impossible' reality.
Case in point: My Son.
He does not clap, but if you say 'Gid, can you bounce and bounce and bounce?" he tries his darndest to jump.

Before one learns to JUMP in a stationary standing position, many people find it desirable to be able to STAND unassisted.
Otherwise, very often we find our selves colliding with the object that was originally our aid.
He seems unfazed by his meeting with the corner of the coffee table.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ooo Lolli Lolli POP! Lollipop!

It's almost Halloween time...
(he snitched this one, so I let him have it, boy is into everything now)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A post about how we're cooler when we go places for 'cheap'

Melissa lives with us.
This is lovely...
In complete honesty, I have no idea how to have 3 children without her.

Since the beginning of October, she's been working at Farmstead, a local corn maze.

Each employee is allowed to bring their family for free.

Since Lissa lives with us, we are her free family.
This is awesome.

We told the girls we would go to Farmstead if Lissa could get us in for "cheap"....
Can I tell you, when we go places for "cheap" I am so much more fun...
for 17 smackers we got:

dinner at the 'booger barn'

more cotton candy then we could eat (if you know me, that is A LOT of candy),

'my little pony' rides,
and we got to shoot the big pneumatic pumpkin and corn guns!

it would have cost us twice that just to get in if it were not for Lissa...
meaning we wouldn't have done ANY of that cool stuff.

Because when I don't go for cheap, I am cheap.

Thanks for a good time Lissa!

Your My Little Pony

Lilly to Cori while standing inline for her pony ride:
"See I told you Your My Little Ponies existed on this earth!"
The triumph of a 3 year old.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eight is great!

No, no one is getting baptized... I just got back into my pants... I mean MY pants. Not my fat pants... my regular old pants. Hello pants! I've missed you! Lets be friends again!

That is a good day.

Who can guess?

We are getting our costumes ready...

anybody want to take a guess?

Blue Eyes

I know I am biased... but aren't they beautiful?

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Aren't they so sweet?
We're sending these out this week.
We picked them up today.
Not bragging... but I think they turned out pretty great.

need a laugh?

I like this girl.

I think I took 4 more videos of her last night being totally ridiculous.
We were going to pee our pants.
I like 'almost 5', she's so weird and funny.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love Lilly- 3

This girl- is is a little bit crazy.
And since she is a little bit crazy, everyone always things she is my 'free spirit'.
But she's not.
She is exact.
She always has a drink of water first thing in the morning.
She always clears her plate.
Remembers to brush her teeth.
She always gives me smooches when I ask.
(or as close as a well adjusted 3 year old can come to 'always)

She is kind and happy.
She tries very hard to do what is right,
and that is very tricky when you are 3.
She is quick to apologize and to forgive.
She is friendly.
She is very very funny.
She has a quick mind, that works very logically.
She remembers things... well... pretty much everything.

I love my Lilly.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Study Helper

Cori is working on finishing 2 classes right now.
Gideon is a good helper.
He's in charge of 're-charge'.

Aren't they so cute?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boys will be boys...

This is Gid with 'his' baby.
He's so happy to see baby.
but wait...
baby is stuck...
No... better game...

Sweet success

This year we grew watermelons for the first time.
Every fruit and vegetable out there has instruction on how to tell when they are ripe.
Except watermelons.
No one can tell you how to tell when they are ripe, except that they should 'ring' when you knock on them. Helpful... does some one have a recording somewhere so I can hear what I ripe melon sounds like?
We had about 10 melons. Only 6 of them got big enough to eat (the weather has been so weird this year) We let them grow and grow... sounds 'ringish' to me... nope. nope. nope. nope.
Until this week! I picked the last two big ones.
The kids ate half this watermelon in 20 minutes.
Maybe we'll give them another shot next year.