Monday, May 31, 2010


You know you don't feel good when you can only eat a half a Texano.

Because that is heaven in a tortilla.

Except when you're growing a baby apparently.

Then it is just bearable.

Thank you Betos for making something bearable tonight.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lilly's Sunday Afternoon Reading List

She woke up on the couch and with out even a look of recognition,
went back to her book.
I love that she crosses her legs when she's reading, and wiggles her buns in the air when she sleep on her stomach.
She's reading A Weekend With Wendell.
By Kevin Henkes.

We highly recommend (anything he's written).
but Sheila Rae The Brave, is our other MOST favorite.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank Nana & Papa!

Dear Nana & Papa,
Thanks for the sprinklers.

Daddy likes them almost as much as we do.


Lilly & Havah

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Information

We live in an age of information.
Most of it isn't entirely true.
We live in a time of unprecedented access to all of that bad information.
Consequently, I believe, that we have a responsibility to double check everything we read or hear, even if it comes from a source we trust.
We have a responsibility to search out and find truth.
We live in an age of worry, extremism (on all sides), back biting, and evil.
We should refuse to be a part of it, and an important way to do that is by not taking anyone elses word for anything when it comes to information.

Here are two such examples I would like to raise and debunk today:
Not because I am a particular fan of our current President, but because I think there are other more important things that he is doing that are damaging to our country, for people to spend time focusing energy on these.

1. President Obama will be the first president of the United States not to spend Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetary this year, choosing instead to vacation in Chicago.

Now, while I think it it totally appropriate to desire him to spend the day at Arlington, the point here is that he is not the first President to skip out on Arlington for Memorial day.

2. President Obama is not longer signing Eagle Scout Certificates.

There are so many important LEGISLATIVE things happening in our country and in the world right now. And such a spirit of contentious division that already exists, we cannot allow ourselves to become a part of it, or there is no hope to restore our country. If you get an email in your in box, please double check the information. If you see something on a blog, news article or report, please double check the information- double check my research. Just don't trust anybody out there. You can find someone to say whatever you want- what we are looking for is truth.

President Obama and the Congress have plenty of real irons in the fire right now that need we need to be informed and aware of, to spend a lot of time bothered by things of this nature.

A few research tips:

  • Use sites that have a good reputation for debunking rumors:
I like and
  • Look at the websites of the parties involved
For example- official scouting websites and forums.
  • Look at lots of information. Don't just do one search on google and call it quits.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

near death experince

I just almost died.
I almost died a humiliating death- sliding across my kitchen floor on a puddle of "Miracle Bubbles"...

And then my 5 year old sister almost died.
but she didn't.

Happy Birthday from 3 to 2

Her Birthday is good.
Happy Birthday to you my Lilly.
She has a birthday today.
We're going to make a birthday cake for her.
Happy Birthday to you.
I like you.

By Havah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The reason we have a big backyard

So that morning sick mommy can lay on her back in the sunshine while girls have lovely adventures...

We watched Air Force jets run maneuvers over the house.
And a hawk soar... his pictures didn't turn out.

Found things growing.

Found treasures in the tree.

Got sun in our eyes.

Swung upside down.

Went worm hunting... found a green one. We've never found a green one before.

Watched a "Pollie Pollie" walk home to his mother.

Kicked off our princess shoes to run jammie footed through the grass.

Found a wasps nest.

With an unfortunate permanent resident.

and climbed in the Honey Pot Tree!

Climbed and climbed and climbed.

And I lay in the sunshine.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberries delight

Not light like low fat... if that's what you're looking for, find another blog. :)

Tonight we had an Eliason family favorite for desert.
My parents introduced this lovely to us when I was probably 13.
It's very simple and will make your tummy and your heart happy.
But, maybe not your cardiologist...

Strawberries, washed and DRIED.
Bowl of Sour Cream (REAL sour cream)
Bowl of Brown sugar.

Take Strawberry in your hand.
Dipped (read slathered) in sour cream, then dipped in brown sugar.

You'll eat the whole bowl.
We did.
In 5 minutes.

I'd show you pictures, but I didn't think of it until the pleasure was over.
I'm a spontaneous eater... there's never a camera around.
So thank you to the author of for the lovely photo.

Love and Prayers for Aiyana's family

Today, our sister Tiff and her husband John buried their 4th daughter, Aiyana.
They buried their 3rd daughter, Taela, just 6 weeks after my mother died. I remember thinking then that there is no right thing to say when someone dies. There is no right thing to say to someone whose heart is broken like that. The only things there really are to offer are love and prayers.

Tiff and John, you have all our love and prayers right now. We wish we could have been there with you today.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How does a grown up sleep?

Last night about 9:30.

A child calls to her parents from upstairs.
"I need to go potty!"
They answer.
"Okay, go it our bathroom, be very quiet!"
Minutes pass.
"I need help up putting my jamies on!"
"Okay, I'm coming."
Mother walks upstairs. Upon Entering the master bathroom she finds the three year old child naked, save only for her feet (still in pajamas) and a Cinderella Pull-up. Mother helps child put her arms into her 'jamies' and zips them up. Then picks up child and hugs her.
"I love being your mom! You make my heart happy every day."
"You make my heart happy to Momma."
Mother carries child back to her bedroom, as they enter the child comments:
"Mom, I think tonight I want to sleep like a grown up."
Curious the mother inquires:
"Really? How does a grown up sleep?"

She really does make my heart happy every day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Slide

This morning Havah 'helped' Lilly down the slide at the gym.

She was a little to helpful.
Lilly is going to have some very fancy facial decorations for the next couple weeks.

She's a tough cookie.

*she is so filthy because I bribed her with ice cream to let me take her picture

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a tease

Mommy, I wanna pie.

You want a pie? I don't have a pie.

*giggle* Mommy, I wanna horse.

You want a horse? I don't have a horse.

*giggle* Mommy, I wanna...

Are you teasing me?

*giggles hysterically* yeath... (she has a little bit of a lisp)

Friday, May 14, 2010


This is my cool new apple tree.
Cori bought it for me for mother's day.
I have been wanting a espalier tree for about a year now.
We'll plant it next week, after Cori and our friend Erik finish putting up the shed roof (see that weird green and black thing in the picture?)
Yeah for yard progress!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost 2

This is Lilly Adell.
In 13 days, she will be 2 years old.
That is mind-boggling to me.

She loves to play out side and go 'wing-gen' (Swinging)
Additionally she can make up a song about anything to the tune of 'swing swing swing'.
For example: "Horse, Horse, Horse. I like a horse. Daddy is horse. Horse, Horse, Horse."
She can also climb on to the top bunk of both our bunk beds, by herself.
And climb down unassisted off of Havah's bed.

She can do anything that Havah can do... or atleast gives a valiant effort.
She writes "H" on papers (her version), reads books to her beloved Bear, Abbit (rabbit), and Mangaboo (Kangaroo). And can sing all the words to the first verse of "I am a child of God", and almost all of "Nephi's Courage".
Her favorite song's are "Star Bright", "Mr. Moon", "Mr. Sun" and "In the Leafy Tree Tops".
When she is excited she sticks out her tongue and wiggles it.

Pictures don't do the cuteness justice.
I will be sad the day she realizes how ridiculous she looks.
She claims our largest afgan as her 'bankie' and sleeps with it every night.
She has the most shrill scream you have ever heard, and a giggle that tickles your soul.
She spends a huge portion of her days as a puppy, but never barks.
And when she moos she sounds like a real cow, just like Daddy and Grandpa taught her too.

She likes to eat fruit, veggies, cheese and Daddy's BBQ meats (which she refers to generally as 'Chicken').
She has some kind of bizarre digestive relationship with raisins and apples.
She likes 'o-gurt' with 'pispies' for breakfast (yogurt and crispies).
And when she needs a sweet treat, "cock-it pips" (Chocolate chips) are her go to thing.

Oh, and she snores, but if you read this blog, you already knew that.
I love her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Picnic Ball

This week Whitney got to go to "The Ball", aka Prom.
Havah was royally jealous.
She cried and begged.
She promised to use her good manners,
and wear a beautiful dress...
if only she could go to the Ball and meet the prince with Whit!
Alas... she has 13 years until her first Ball.
It's hard to be 3.
So for Mother's day, we had a back yard Picnic Ball.
She and Lilly wore their Sunday best all day.
Danced in the back yard,
and ate Daddy's 'yummy meats', aka barbecue.
It was a lovely evening at the Mother's day Picnic Ball.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Life Lesson- from the Best Buy parking lot

Today while waiting for Cori in the Best Buy parking lot I learned what I believe to be a great life lesson.

If you cuss out your driver, don't be surprised when they leave without you.

10 points to the lady who left her jerk of a husband at the Best Buy tonight.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photos April 30- May 1

No particular order. Just some pictures from our Friday and Saturday.

I've been learning about maintaining "natural hair". Thank you to all the black women in the world who keep blogs about how they take care of their hair, and their kids. I couldn't do it without you! Seriously. Conditioner and vitamin E/Aloe gel over night, rinsed in the morning... and we still have ringlets after a 4 hour nap.

Tea party fun.

She can climb up and down all by herself (not all the way to the top though)

4pm... time to wake up.

Dip Cone in a cup. Delicious.

What a great family date.

Post nap greeting, "Mom, I wanch you."

Mothers day pictures....she was super excited about it... can you tell?