Thursday, September 4, 2014

First day of school! 2014-2015

Totally rocked the 1st day! Loved it!

Also totally rocked the 1st day.... does not remember because her blood sugar was low when this picture was taken... morning of day 2 she is excited again and I will have something to stick in her mouth the minute she walks in the door today.

This guy and I had a day alone...we get one more tomorrow... today we started our T/Th babysitting gig.
Next week we start taking care of a new friend who comes every day, so we're soaking it up our alone time before we have lots of friends to play with every day! 
(That will be awesome too!) 

Yummy Harvest time After School Snack for kids-who-need-to-eat-the-second-they-get-home:
Sliced pan roasted peaches
Apples and peanut butter
Veggies and dip
Zucchini bread

Any other ideas??? My only requirements are, healthy, quick, cheap... in that order.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The dish ran away with the spoon...

But I am sure the Bowl and the Pitcher had WAY more fun than the dish and the spoon... because we went to their park yesterday, and it was awesome!

He's not getting ready to bludgeon her, they are practicing skipping rocks. 

An, Lilly, Cori, Gid and Havah is the background

Lilly practicing her  climbing skills. Preston & Savanah, Matt & Gid and Amy.
We waded in the river, made rafts from little sticks, played on the rocks, at yummy fresh fruit and made new friends.
We live in such a beautiful happy place!
Life is good.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

In with the New out with the old...

There are little boxes in the top of my closet filled with new clothes and shoes and crayons and wide ruled paper and glue sticks...

Confession: All the new things makes me want to get ride of EVERYTHING! Everything.

Start new- clean... only bring in what needs to be here and everything else - Bye Bye.

This is not entirely possible however... So instead I just get ride of things slowly...

Today I went through the kids drawers. May I just say- RIDICULOUS!

Who is their MOTHER? and Why?!?! has she allowed them to horde so much clothing?

I have a few rooms I am hiding from though. The office and the playroom... Must be done.
Before the kids go back to school, it will be done.
Havah's choice for her First day of 2nd grade Shirt!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's Day to our Favorite Dad!!
We're planning all kinds of fun when you come home!
Love you!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Ew! Yick! Confessions of a little brother: the house knife

My mom showed me pictures of big trucks tonight. They had stairs like a house. I like them. She showed me this too.
Bagger 288
it's a Bagger. And it can do this:
Bagger 288
WOW! Who will eat it?

*note: those are his real words, he was so amazed. I love showing him things like this to watch his eyes bug out. Thank you msn for providing us with such amazing bizarre hings to behold.

Life is good. Now go away...

Havah home sick his week with viral pink eye.
This is kind of how I feel about blogging right now.
I deactivated our Facebook account on a meditated whim... 
you know when you think about something for a long time an then one day wake up and say "NOW!"
Then you do, and wonder to yourself later, why did it take so long?
Exiting that world has been terribly liberating. 

And somehow, this beautiful place got sucked into the vortex of disconnecting.
I am enjoying my privacy.
Enjoying putting our feet firmly under ourselves without thinking about the places other people's feet are.

She was super excited to get her picture taken
But one of my favorite things is to look back through at the pictures of my children.
Of the stories of our days and to remember them. To bottle of the little pieces of their childhood that seem to float away so quickly. Quicker every day. The things that I know will make those children come alive to me when they are grown.

So even though this privacy is so refreshing, I am trying to remember. I am writing for me, and I'd better not miss it. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ta-dah! and oops... NEED HELP!

Three days. No Facebook... life is very nice. 
Just one problem. In my excitment to dump the book, and revamp the blog/vlog/email listed on fb, I lost a bunch of  addresses.... sooo... if you have a blog and you read this... would you please do one of the following:
leave a comment with your blog address in the comments of this post OR email it to me at kcalcornfamily at gmail dot com.  

Thanks :) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I was up late last night... about 11:30 I heard Havah calling out, "Mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY!" I found her sitting up in her bed, tears streaming down her face. I touched her face and whispered to her that she was safe and Lilly was safe and Gid was safe Daddy was safe, Mommy was safe, Sadie was safe she could rest, she laid back down and let me tuck her in. I ran my hand gently over her hair and then she looked at me with a closed eyes grimace and whined, "But what. about. the. SMEEELLLLL!" her head dropped to the other side and she was gone.

How to find us now that we've left facebook land

come here... if you'd like to find us you can reach us here... leave a comment with your email and I'll email you our email... :)
Bald Eagle flying over lake Cour de laine on new years 2014

Goodbye to the Book of Faces... Hello 2014

Hello real life. Where have you been? Oh you have been here the whole time while I was looking at Facebook? Bummer... guess we have some catching up to do.

 Our new years celebrations included a lot of fun games with our Anderberg cousins and their friends (Thank you for inviting us a long, we had a blast!), then this morning we had lunch with our Calkins cousins and went to see the eagles at Lake Cour de laine. What a great way to start the new year!