Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Personality reveal

Aren't pictures interesting things? I especially love the photo booth. I think it's a great way to capture someone's personality in 45 seconds.  You say "Make a _______ face". There isn't enough time to plan something, you just do the first things that comes to your head. If this strip from our Mommy Daughters date isn't proof of that, I don't know what is....

Monday, November 18, 2013

living at a convent

Our Andrea is here for a month (again, she was here in October too, we are so spoiled). She stayed with a family friend last month. This month she is staying in a convent. I am trying really hard not to say that every time I tell someone that she is here, but for some juvenile reason, it's really funny to me. Really funny.

The awesome things about convents is that they have gardens. This one also has a beautiful waterfall that was constructed in memory of a Sister who passed away. We had a great time walking around the grounds, but it was so cold we didn't last long.  This is the best pic I got of the kids... apparently it wasn't  a 'smile at the camera' kind of day...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cold Curry

I love curry... well I love Thai curry. The problem (with any cooking) right now is that we live in a very little, very old house. This means two things : Almost no insulation and no air conditioning. So cooking in the summer is not exactly high on my list of things I love to do. Unless it is BBQed or cold cooked.

Curry is not either of these things... or wasn't until last week.

Without further adieu, I give you cold curry.

 You will need:
A couple of days, because it is not cooked, the flavors need time to rest together.

BBQ or oven roast:
1 large onion chopped roughly
10 small whole sweet peppers
4 whole cloves garlic 
2 whole medium size tomatoes (like roma) 
Coat liberally in olive oil season with salt and pepper,  roast in several layers of foil until they are soft and lovely, eat a little and then wrap them all up and stick them in the fridge over night (you could probably use them that day if you want but it is cold curry so they need to chill).

Later that day: Pull out your veggies and dump them in the food processor with a good handful of fresh basil a can of chickpeas (drained and rinsed) a table spoon or two of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of yellow curry (if you like yours spicier you can add more, just know the heat grows as it rests. paste, the zest and juice of two limes, and a table spoon of brown sugar. Blitz it all until it is smooth and lovely, you may need to scrape the sides to make sure it's fully combined.

Eat it with hot rice or (if you want it to be better) let it sit over night and eat it the next day. We all know Curry grows better with age. I think day 2 was my flavor favorite.

If you try it, tell me what you think. It is so not here now and no a/c... I could eat this every day.

This recipe is Dairy free, Gluten free and Vegan ... sorry your Paleo friends will have to bring their own food. ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ew Yuck! Confessions of a little brother: Bubble Bath

I like ice cream and digging in the yocks (rocks) in the back yard. 
I get messy. 
I like bafs too. With bubboos and toys.
Today Mommy said I was fill-fee and do I want to take a baf.
YES!!! I ask for bubboos. 
I can take take off my clothes myself. 
I took a baf with bubboos.
Mommy had to help Lilly downstairs. 
My bubboos were not a lot.
So I got some more.
Some got on the floor.
Some got on the toilet.
Some got on the tub.
Some a lot got on Gid.
I bonked my head, so I went to get Mommy.
Mommy kissed me better then saw bubbles on my back.
Uh Oh.
Mommy says boys don't get bubbles. Only Moms.

Monday, June 17, 2013

No guilt trips!

My family is messy.
On so many levels.
And that is okay.
Because when push comes to shove, I think we've got a lot of the important things in order.
Or at least they are the priority.

My lovely parents eloped the end of April. We are all just tickled. I smile just thinking about it.
Their reception is this weekend. and no matter which way you look at it we can't make it happen.

I feel guilt. We want to be there...

But here is where I am grateful.

They keep asking is there any way we can go? We keep looking at it and saying we don't think so...

And there is no guilt tripping. There is no, "Well everyone else is going to be here, if you cared about us/them you would do what needs to be done to get here."

Instead, it is, "We've been there, we get it. We'll miss you."

So grateful. So SO grateful for kind understanding parents.

I hope your party is AWESOME!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Three children sit a the breakfast table (backs to their mother). The older girls visit in a friendly manner while the younger boy smears raisin bran and blue berries across his mother's favorite table cloth. 
Lilly (casually): Havah, what does 'accused' mean?
Havah: 'We think we want to get you in trouble.'
Lilly (nonchalantly clearing her place): Oh, okay. Havah, you are accused. (walks away)
Havah, (silent, shakes her head.)

From last Sat, reorganizing some rooms upstairs (hence the box spring in the dining room)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1000 Points to Lilly!

This girl has been practicing. My goodness she has.
She did not want to play "Alphabet blocks" anymore on Starfall and I told her she could not stop playing them (5 before she can do the other activities) until she could tell me ALL the letter sounds (I call out the letter, she makes the sound). 
Quized her yesterday.
She totally knows them all. 
Because she is an awesome hard worker. 

Go Lilly! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Dad and Mom are getting married!

So the last 5 years have been a little shall we say... crazy? 
But I think things are headed in a very good direction.
See this cute lady below? 
She's my mom... well... the mom Heavenly Father gave me after my mom kick-ed the bucket.
She is also my brother's wife's mother.
My brother's wife is my sister's best friend.
My sister called my brother's wife, "Ducky" when they met because she could not remember Alexis.
So we all call her Ducky too.. well sometimes. Sometimes Alexis. 
We call my brother Steven.
We call my sister a lot of things... Mine Lissa, Missy, Missa, Lala... Melissa.. Dory...
 Guess that kind of depends on the chapter of her life you walk in on.
My sister called my brother's wife's mother, "Mama Sue".
So we  all called her Mama Sue. 
(I have also called her friend and neighbor for the last 4 years)
* pictures of Mama Sue, Grandpa's arm and a red airplane courtesy of Gid.

But I think after this summer, maybe we'll just call her Mom, and Grandma. 
Which is just absolutely perfect. 
Because none of us are perfect... but we all sure like each other a lot.
And if there is one thing I have learned about families in the last 5 years, 
it's that liking each other counts for a lot.

I am just tickled that my parents fell in love.
* Thank you Kristina for the picture of them together!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

He is not here for he is risen.

In one week my family will begin our Easter celebration.
We're not real into the whole'bunny' thing here.
I am excited this year to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and his great gift to the world.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cameleus Hump

On our way to school today Havah told me that she was wearing her backpack like a "cool big kid" today. I asked her how they wear their backpacks. She told me only on one shoulder. I asked her not to wear it that way because those 'cool big kids' aren't very smart to wear their backpacks that way because it will hurt their backs, and that I know that because I did it.

With out missing a beat Lilly says, "Yeah, that's why you have a cameleus hump!" I have no shame, I gfawed in the middle of the street! 

If you are familiar with the works of Rudyard Kippling you are probably laughing too... if you are not, may I recommend him? 

My Lilly, she is a quick wit
 And a self declared "phone feef"....

Monday, March 11, 2013

WITA: The Adventures of Dr. Doolittle

I love Rex Harrison's Dr. Doolittle... my family loves it... (my sister Whitney's nick name is Fred)
But I'd never read the book until the girls and I found it for a dollar at a thrift store. Two hundred pages of awesomeness for 50 cents? Yes please. We started this book the beginning of November... then we started moving. It's taken us a while to get through it, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! 

What was your favorite adventure Dr. Dolittle went on? 

Lilly: My favorite one was where he found the boys uncle and asked the sea things and the flying things (the bird that could fly so high) and they couldn't find his uncle but Jip the dog and Dr. Doolittle could. 


Who was your favorite animal? Why?
Lilly: Jip the doggy! Because he had the greatest smeller! and I love dogs. They are not stinky like cats. Yuck cats! I liked all the other animals too, but Jip is my favorite character. And now he has a cool golden thing around his neck now.


If you could travel is a ship where would you want to go?

Lilly: I would want to go to Nana and Papa's house and to my old home.


Would you read this book again sometime?

Lilly: Yeah! It was a fun one!

Havah's entries are missing because she is at school all day... we'll ask her later.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shirley Temple knew what she was talking about.

"Animal Crackers in my soup! Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop. Gosh oh gee but I have fun, swallowing animals one by one!"
I always thought this sounded pretty gross.
Until today, while I was eating a handful of animal crackers while I also happened to be eating some split pea soup. Oh. My. Goodness. 
This would not work in soup that was sweet or creamy (I think), but in a salty smokey soup like Split Pea, the crunch and subtle sweetness was perfection. Great "nasty day outside" food!


Man I like them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving is done. Mojo is back!

That is right! Schedules, (wow! remember those!)
No piles of boxes!! (except in the garage, acceptable)
Meals planned....
House cleaned...
Children taught...
AND exercised!
Thank You Lovely Winter Weather!

And now I cannot say another word about it or I will jinx us... 
There has surely been some heavenly help to get us settled and back on track. 
Moving. So glad that is done.

Now that things have settled, maybe I will actually get the "Christmas" letter's sent... You would still accept a  "Christmas" letter in February right? It's still winter after all, and the Chinese just barely celebrated new year on Sunday... 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Did you know that little boys need "guys"? Well they do. 
Little people... lots of them. 
Meet our guys... tin soldiers... for nerds.  
(they are actually made out of plastic... not tin)
Aren't they awesome? 
*the Alcorn family does not discriminate based on age, gender, race (aka we have a girl guy)

Oh and and old guy... and probably the guy with dark hair is Hispanic.
And three identical white guys... how American of us.
(please excuse my satire, I mean no offence)
But wow... guys are awesome!

Speaking of little guys, 
Congratulations to Uncle Brig, Aunt Debra and Royle on the safe arrival of baby Link! 
(and Thanks for gifting us the "Box of Awesome" last Christmas that came brimming with little nerd guys)

Stopping the guys from opening the disc drive... they just can't seem to help themselves... ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh what do you do in the winter time when all the world is grey?*

Do you paint up your nails?

Fly air planes by their tails?
or paint walls late at night that off gas and you almost die?
Is that what you do? So do I.... 

* If you do not recognize this song... click here*
*Sorry about the video... only place I could find the music...