Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mustard chicken & Tarragon Potatoes

I am in a hotel room... 
I miss real food. 
Not super fan of eating things out of boxes and bags...
Last week I made this chicken out of my own head (it was awesome)

Marinade as much chicken as you want... 
I did 3 chicken breasts
2 stable spoons honey mustard
2 table spoons brown mustard
2 table spoons brown sugar
salt & Pepper
1 table spoon minced garlic
1 table spoon onion powder

Rub all over chicken, seal in a bag, stick it in the fridge for at least an hour, but I think over night would be especially tender and delicious.

Cook it.... until the chicken is, well... cooked.

Steam  potatoes, we are particularly fond on red finger potatoes at our house.
Course mash with butter, salt, pepper and a table tarragon, to taste.

Eat until it's gone. 
Think of me and my cold dominos...
I will try not to think of your and your real dinner.

Sleeping Babies: Hotel Style

While Andrea was here visiting we looking through picture and realized I have a lot of funny picture of my children sleeping. I guess I'm a collector...
Most recent example: Last night.
Gideon, not pictured because he is sleeping in a pack and play in the bathroom...
classy I know. But what ever gets him his 10 hours... After he goes to bed everyone has to use the public hotel bathroom... you know, the one all the swimmers use... So it's not exactly dreamy, but nature doesn't seem to get that it's not allowed to call until the baby wakes up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I couldn't decide when titling this post if it should be "Good thing the Gypsies didn't knock on my door today" or "Why didn't the Gypsies knock on my door today?"

Because if they had... they might have had three new adorable members of their gypsy band...

I love my kids. I do, but tonight.... well... deep breaths. Everyone is in bed now, and the gypsies didn't come, so we live to... whatever it is we do, another day.

This is my dream job... everyone is allowed to have a bad day at work right? Right. Dream job.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Awesome-er than he knows.

He often says, "I couldn't do that! I don't have time, I don't know how, it's above my skill level."
Then a few _____ (insert period of time, minutes, hours, days) he'll come back.
"I think I figured out how to ______ (insert ominous project)..."

And he (almost) always has.
He is awesome-er than he knows.
But I know, and the kids know... 
and he is able to surprise himself over and over again with just how awesome he is.

(case in point: broken piece of plastic in the middle of the car... we can see it, we can touch it but we can't get it out... mechanic says $400... Cori says "I can't." Thinks on in a couple of days... $200 and a couple hours later the car is good as new. Just one small example of how awesome he is!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How you know you had a good time....

The only picture is taken a few minutes before returning to the airport.

Thanksgiving, why are you 5 months away?

Friday, June 8, 2012


This is the only dinner I can think of where my plate and I are equally full at the end.
I taught my girls to eat artichokes just like my mom taught me- a little warm milk to dip them in...
So yummy. 
I could eat that for dinner every night
 (well... every night I'm not eating pizza that is...)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ew! Yuck! Adventures of a little brother: defying death

I want you to know, Not everyday as a little brother is about doing something that makes your mom throw up in her mouth a little... some days are about giving her a heart attack....
 (this video was taken my 4th time down... you should have seen her face the first time!)

Did you know my sisters couldn't do this until they were more than two years old? 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

University Bound

Her bags are packed.
She and dad hit the road this morning...
Rexburg, watch out!
She has a scooter, and she doesn't know how to use it! (yet...)
Hope the music department has a BIG locker for this girl, she's bringing a menagerie of  instruments.
My goodness... Whitney in college... 
that is awesomely weird... 

Monday, June 4, 2012

WE BLOG TOO! By Havah & Lilly

I love my Momma. She is very is my Momma. You're my Momma so much so I just wanna get up and jump on your face, because I'm so glad I can't even say any words, and you're my Momma and I love you so much. And i like to eat food and sleep and ride bikes and play and the thing I like most is to go on daddy's big motorcycle. And that is all I want to say to the internet and you have favorite movies for you to what. And I love movies. I love busy town movies, gymnastic movies and that is all I love.


I love my Daddy so much. He is so fun! I don't know why but he is so fun. Why is he so fun? What? It's actually me that can have fun with my daddy. And, one night he took me on a motor cycle ride, I kept saying "THIS IS FUN! THIS IS FUN!" I actually did. For real I did. My dad is for reals so fun. He is. He is. He is!


(Apparently today is praise your parents day... all of this gushing praise was unprompted)
I think they are just trying to get me to let them watch Busy Town...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hole sandwich

Havah asked for a whole sandwich...
but I am funnier than that... 

She thinks so too.