Sunday, March 28, 2010


We were invited on a hike by some friends.
They took us on a short afternoon hike to Halverson's Lakes.

The weather was just right. Not to hot. Not to cold.

The girls found snail shells with Daddy.

They climbed big rocks.

and Lilly got a little to close to the water...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Go and look at this site.
It's funny.
Not crude funny, real life funny... and rather informative.
Which is, in my humble opinion, the best kind of funny around.

If you would like to read Garfield minus is also funny.... and you should read it... cause everyone needs a little laughing.

Thanks to Steve for introducing us to this funniness and Mate for introducing Steve.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love Idaho!

Okay, I take it all back... I do not need an ocean. I do not need trees or mountains to live in, because I live in an AWESOME state.

Oh March 17, 2010- with majorities in both chambers Idaho passed the "Idaho Health Freedom Act" which states in part, "that every person within the state of Idaho is and shall be free to choose or decline to choose any mode of securing health care services without penalty or threat of penalty."

If you want more information about what State Legislatures are in process of doing right now regarding Health care here is a great resource.

While it is true that until it is upheld by a court ruling, the act is mostly a symbolic gesture. It's still a gesture I am very willing to stand by.


Schlop = my general approach to cooking.
You make some kind of base food. Potatoes, noodles, rice. And then make some sort of stewy sauce to schlop on said base food.
At our house we usually eat rice.
If you've ever talked to Cori for 5 minutes you know he kind of has a thing for Japan. So while I do not by any means cook 'Japanese' food, I'd say about 70% of the food that we eat is Asian-ISH.
The greatest benefit I've found to this style of cooking is that besides the rice cooker, which can be wiped clean at the end, it usually only requires a cutting board, knife and one pot.
Limited dishes, I like.
I also like that because we're pouring 'it' on rice, we use less meat.
For example, my meatloaf schlop to feed 12 people only uses a 1.5 lbs of ground meat.
for 12 people!
That is so cheap!
And it only takes 1 hour to make enough for everyone.
That is so fast!
Do you see that I am cheap and lazy?

Recently (like in the last 5 days) I've experimented with new schlopish foods. Like our lunch today, which I am going to call 'Crazy Noodle Lasagna'

Just looks like regular lasagna being eaten by a child.
But it's not.
That look me 15 minutes to make, not county the noodle cooking time (so 25 minutes).
And I didn't have to cut it up or cook it in the oven.
I might never make regular lasagna again.
Go Schlop!

ps. Same meat rule applies... I only used 3 table spoons (yes I know that is a weird way to measure meat) of ground pork and served 5 people.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Papa Busy's Garden

This is Papa Busy.

Don't ask us why he's called Papa Busy, only Havah knows and she's not telling.
Papa Busy wants to grow a vegetable garden.
Building a garden is a big job though, so last night when he went out to side he brought the Helpers with him.

There's Momma Helper, Lilly Helper and Havah Helper.

Papa Busy and the Helpers measured and hammered and dug.

The Helpers saved friendly 'Snakes'.

while Papa Busy moved pavers and built paths.

And just as they finished their work for the day, the sun went down.
Watch out for more adventures from Papa Busy's Garden this summer.

**Note: We are trying the 'Square Foot Garden' method this year. Has anyone else tried it? If so, what did you think about it?**

Friday, March 19, 2010

It doesn't make Census...

A friend brought up a good point yesterday, through a rather profound question...
Well maybe not profound, but aware.
Why isn't there an online response option to fill out the Census?
All you'd need to do is insert your address, and proceed.
Cause really, who is going to cheat on their census?
You could even set up stations in your library or something if it's a security issue...
Think about the trees that would still be waving in the breeze?
Think about all the unemployed postal workers....
Ah... a theory has arisen.

Perhaps we still mail out our Census, in order to help our bankrupt totally unprofitable GOVERNMENT RUN postal service remain open...
No offense to any postal employee who might stumble upon this, my beef is not with you, it's with the bureaucrats that think they have a right to meddle in the private sector... Because, again no offense, but if you worked for a real company, you wouldn't have a job anymore... like 5 years ago... you'd work for UPS or some other company that actually pays you with money they earned instead of tax payers dollars.

SOOO.... speaking of Bureaucrats and meddling...back to the Census.
I do believe keeping record of the people in our country is a good, albeit expensive idea. It helps your schools and your community... cause if we're going into catastrophic debt anyway, you might as well get some new crayons for the kindergarten out of it, right?

Ours is sent... is yours?

in explaination of my views on the government running the USPS... please see

If you have a $6 Billion budget deficit and the federal government brings you back into the black, and you have to have congressional approval of your business, you are government owned and operated.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things that make me happy today

A had a few hours of sudden stress today...
That kind of stress where you just have to pray.
Then it was done and everything was okay.
Thank you Heavenly Father for everything being okay.

So in honor of everything being okay, I would like to share with you a few things that make my heart happy.

Have I ever told you that I am in love with ice cream cones? Not the actual ice cream part, although I do quite enjoy that... I mean the cone itself... I could eat a whole box. I have. I find the cheapo Winco sugar cones particularly delectable. What can I say, I have the palate of a kid raised on cheap ground beef. :)

and I like this guy, because he is a cute pirate, and because (though I did not feel flattered at the time) he told me I was hot today whilst I was in sweat pants in the middle of turmoil. Someday I will finish putting together a slide show of the pictures that accompany this one so you can see why he is the best daddy too.

And finally, I love the Aquabats.
Yes Cori I said it outloud...
Not always, but in this case.
And whom ever sings the Pop Corn Chicken song...
Because, if those dance moves aren't memories, I don't know what are.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Do you ever feel so busy and lazy at the same time?
For example
Today I am supposed to take Tasha to school (in an hour) but I am still in my bathrobe un-showered.
Go to the gym, but I forgot to wash my gym clothes, that is gross, but the exercising must be done!
Leave for Twin Falls at noon (we're having a mini 'vaca' with Nana, Papa and Beau and Joanne)but have I packed anything? No. Shaved my legs- for a two weeks? No.(there will be swimming) Have I even washed the sheets for Nana and Papa when they come and stay with us Saturday night... NO... - for the record I DESPISE the world 'vaca', bleh...

So since I have now spent what, 5 - 10 minutes here, I need to go. Or I'm going to be forced to give my extra chores... and I despise extra chores even more than the word previously mentioned that I don't want to have written three places on my blog. Let alone in one post.

Also- word of advice- if you go to Denny's and you eat a build your own Grand Slam... with grits and eggs and turkey bacon and pancakes... DO NOT go to the gym right afterward. Give it an hour or two... Trust me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Medical School!

I love these people. Deep soul love.
And guess what?
They're going to medical school! YEAH!!
Congratulations Auntie An and Uncle Tortillas!
Boise to Pheonix is cheep!
Maybe I'll come visit you some cold snowy day.


My scouts are coming over today.
I have lots of things to get ready before they get here.
Anyone have some motivation to share with me this morning?

PS. Last night for 35 bucks we got a big bag of dress ups, a garbage back of mega blocks and a Kelty Child back pack (to carry Lilly while hiking this summer).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to her Crib

I wish I had some rapping skills... it would make the title funnier....
but I don't, do I won't punish you by trying.

We put Lilly's crib back up last night at 10 pm... she was killing us.
She is killing her, I am fairly convinced. She sounds like a smoker, that's how much she's screamed in the last two weeks.

She woke this morning at a quarter to 7. Not quite cheerful, but not screaming.
Ate 3 scrambled eggs and a bowl of grits (we love grits), and then we went back upstairs to get dressed.

When we walked into her room she said, "MY BED! I YOU!!" (I love you)
I hope this is a promising sign that there will be more

at our house this week.
It would make Mommy and Daddy's little hearts feel happy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I had an interesting talk with the woman I teach nursery with about my mother's death.
It's not the first time I've had this talk with someone, about how sorry they are she died. How they don't know what they would do if that happened to them. If they could have been able to do what Cori and I did and come to help... you get the idea. Like we were these great martyrs or something.
The thing I really feel, and I want people to know is that you never know what you can do, until it's your time to do it. You never know what God will ask you to do, until he asks. And if you wish for those hard things, large and small, not to happen to you- resent them. Hate them... you will miss the windows of heaven being opened by our magnanimous Father in heaven who loves you, as he pours out blessings upon your head.

I am sure that this is not the last hard thing that will happen in our life.
In all honestly, I hope the next one is a ways off.
But I am grateful.
I am grateful for my mother's death.
For the lessons I have and am still learning.
For relationships that have grown in ways they wouldn't have, had she been here, because we wouldn't have bothered.
For the physical blessings I know God has given us to help to fulfill our part in this plan.
And most especially, for the proving ground her death has been for my own faith.
Not because I don't miss her, or because my faith is so strong I don't ever just ache to speak with her, but because I know, more than I ever could have known before her death, that Jesus Christ really is who he claimed to be.
The Son of God.
And that through his sacrifice and love, we can be healed and made whole, no matter what has caused our injury.
So no matter how cloudy the day, (loud the child), terrifying the obstacle, or broken the heart.
Don't be afraid of what is to come in your life, or what has come.
He is there to help and heal us. Just waiting patiently for us to ask.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I bet you can't guess what Cori and my big chore was today?
If you guess picking up almost 3 gallons of dog doo, you win!
(the only prize I have is said bucket of Sadie treasure)
It is hard to pick up the poo through the winter. It's cold and wet and who really wants to tromp around in the snow and dig for it? Honestly...
But the weather was perfect and we had a nice time talking about plans for the garden.
The girls helped us, and then tonight we had family movie night!

We all snuggled on the couch and watched one of my favorite shows, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Havah got a little skittish at times but Lilly thought it was awesome. And then we ate cake batter and brownie batter ice cream. Delicious.
It was a great end to a great day.
And tomorrow when the girls go to play I won't have to check the bottoms of their shoes.
That is even better!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is what I created today.

For my Brother & Sister-in-law.
Liz and Erik, thanks for the project. It made Lilly's lovely shrill voice bearable today.
Yesterday my 'sweet angel' nearly lost her life.
I have never felt like hurting a child before,
not like that. I had to put her in her room and go back down stairs and just pretend she wasn't there. I hope that we exit this phase shortly. I pray that it is just a phase, because I really like her.
I mean really, look at her preciousness...

Even when she's sad.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Different Philosophies

If you are a gentle soul you might not want to read this post.
If you're a mom, you'll be fine I'm sure.
It's about (shh) throw-up...

Havah showed us that she's got whatever Lilly had...
Consequently, I have learned something about my girls.
They subscribe to different up-chucking philosophies.
Havah, more practical in general, subscribes to the point and spew philosophy.

(Valentines out fit from Nana, Cori Alcorn Family Dance Party, First self portrait, Post V-Day Tea Party Crash Nap)
She is looking for a place to get this stuff out of her and not make a big mess.
She also gives a lot of warning. And NEVER throws up during the day.... ever.
Heaven forbid someone might see that stuff by daylight.
Lilly is emotional, full spectrum emotion, so I guess that it should be no surprise that she subscribes to the 'blow chunks' school of thought.

(last nap with Lissa before we left her at school, Laughing at Daddy, Helping Havah clean up- only time Dog food all over hasn't been her doing, Dance Party Photos)

There are a couple points of gratitude here, I would like to share,
The week before Lilly got sick, Cori and I washed every single textile in the house. EVERYTHING.
Prayer of thanks that while I was doing my 8 loads of Lilly Sick laundry there wasn't anything else that had to be washed.
Second point of gratitude,
Lilly has been healthy for two days, which means I was able to finish all her laundry before Havah got sick....
More prayers of Thanks.

(V-day Lolly-pops from Daddy)

Hopefully Cori and I can avoid getting whatever this is.
I have my hand sanitizer, Lysol, hot water, vinegar and Folex ready.