Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ew Yuck! Confessions of a little brother: Bubble Bath

I like ice cream and digging in the yocks (rocks) in the back yard. 
I get messy. 
I like bafs too. With bubboos and toys.
Today Mommy said I was fill-fee and do I want to take a baf.
YES!!! I ask for bubboos. 
I can take take off my clothes myself. 
I took a baf with bubboos.
Mommy had to help Lilly downstairs. 
My bubboos were not a lot.
So I got some more.
Some got on the floor.
Some got on the toilet.
Some got on the tub.
Some a lot got on Gid.
I bonked my head, so I went to get Mommy.
Mommy kissed me better then saw bubbles on my back.
Uh Oh.
Mommy says boys don't get bubbles. Only Moms.

Monday, June 17, 2013

No guilt trips!

My family is messy.
On so many levels.
And that is okay.
Because when push comes to shove, I think we've got a lot of the important things in order.
Or at least they are the priority.

My lovely parents eloped the end of April. We are all just tickled. I smile just thinking about it.
Their reception is this weekend. and no matter which way you look at it we can't make it happen.

I feel guilt. We want to be there...

But here is where I am grateful.

They keep asking is there any way we can go? We keep looking at it and saying we don't think so...

And there is no guilt tripping. There is no, "Well everyone else is going to be here, if you cared about us/them you would do what needs to be done to get here."

Instead, it is, "We've been there, we get it. We'll miss you."

So grateful. So SO grateful for kind understanding parents.

I hope your party is AWESOME!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Three children sit a the breakfast table (backs to their mother). The older girls visit in a friendly manner while the younger boy smears raisin bran and blue berries across his mother's favorite table cloth. 
Lilly (casually): Havah, what does 'accused' mean?
Havah: 'We think we want to get you in trouble.'
Lilly (nonchalantly clearing her place): Oh, okay. Havah, you are accused. (walks away)
Havah, (silent, shakes her head.)

From last Sat, reorganizing some rooms upstairs (hence the box spring in the dining room)