Thursday, August 7, 2014

In with the New out with the old...

There are little boxes in the top of my closet filled with new clothes and shoes and crayons and wide ruled paper and glue sticks...

Confession: All the new things makes me want to get ride of EVERYTHING! Everything.

Start new- clean... only bring in what needs to be here and everything else - Bye Bye.

This is not entirely possible however... So instead I just get ride of things slowly...

Today I went through the kids drawers. May I just say- RIDICULOUS!

Who is their MOTHER? and Why?!?! has she allowed them to horde so much clothing?

I have a few rooms I am hiding from though. The office and the playroom... Must be done.
Before the kids go back to school, it will be done.
Havah's choice for her First day of 2nd grade Shirt!